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Sustainable Gifts for Someone with a Capsule Wardrobe

What are you supposed to get someone who adheres to a “less is more” ideology and resists fast fashion trends? I know I’m probably hard to shop for because I’m such a killjoy with my environmental and workers’ rights advocacy. But fear not, for alas, there are options. I recently found out about Synergy Organic […]

This Throwback Mobile Game is Inventive and Enthralling

I wasn’t playing videogames in the 80s (I wasn’t alive yet) but I know the forefathers of the RPGs I play now were text-based, choose-your-own-adventure type games. Strip down the visuals and fighting from modern games, and at their core, they’re storytelling devices. That’s why I loved playing Open Sorcery, a text-based RPG in which […]

“Made in the USA” Doesn’t Mean What It Should

I spent this week nose deep in frustrating research, documentaries, and emotional anecdotes. You know, fun. I’ve enrolled in a three week course administered by the University of Exeter and Fashion Revolution though Future Learn about the highly complex and often morally vacuous fashion supply chain. At the heart of the class is the question […]