Product Review: Best of Bite Holiday Set


I just got this little tin and I absolutely love it. The colors are densely pigmented and smooth, while the formulation is non-drying and actually hydrating. I have always loved Bite beauty and this is no exception.

All of the pencils are pretty big for how reasonably priced the set was. I doubt I’ll be running out of these any time soon. As far as wear goes, I’ve worn every one of these for full days at work and/or school and only reapplied two or three times over twelve hours.

The packaging itself is really cute, and fits perfectly in my purse. This has actually become my “emergency” set of lipsticks; I can now carry a whole range of colors with me plus a mirror. What I love most about these lipsticks, and of bite beauty, is how I can wear dense, opaque lipstick without drying out my lips, or having to use a product with harmful ingredients or animal testing. This company is one I am happy to support, and I already have a large size of one of their matte lip pencil sticks.

Since I bought this, it seems Sephora stopped carrying it, why I do not know. I have found it both on amazon and eBay since then, but for more than the original price. I don’t know what any individual’s budget is, but if you find a new one that is from a trustworthy seller, I would strongly recommend considering this wonderful little set.

Here is a photograph taken indoors without flash. I’m very fair, and all of the colors look brilliant on my skin.
The colors don’t rub off easily, but wash off at the end of the day.

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