Product Review: OCC’s Inky and Deborah Lippmann’s Dreamweaver

CaptureI bought DL’s Dreamweaver from the newFantastical Collection” half beCapturecause I love dark holographic colors and half because of my lovely Writing for the Web class in which we started to learn how to use Adobe’s Dreamweaver program.

I chose Inky to be a nice base coat for Dreamweaver because I saw someone use a black base under it, online (I must admit I forget who). OCC has always been on my “to try” list of cosmetics, but this was my first purchase.

Look and Wear

Together, they are such a wonderful color, that shifts from shimmery pine to deep oceanic blue, to brushed gold. I feel like a gothic mermaid, orCapture a cyber punk princess. I think this will be a definite signature of mine.

By itself, Inky is a very very dark blue, that in shadow looks black. I really like those almost-black colors because they’re a little more nuanced than pitch black.

As far as wear goes, both stay put and dried very quickly. In the past I’ve had shiny or holographic polishes that became dull after a few days. Dreamweaver remains brilliant.

I have has this polish on for four days now, and have done some heavy duty dish washing and box moving at work. You can see some chips, but it remains mostly untouched. I could touch this up and it’d look new.


As far as ingredients and production go, both are cruelty free and 5-free. OCC is proudly vegan, they have no animal products or testing, while DL uses such ingredients as green tea to strengthen nails. This is important to me because I have such brittle nails.

Last Words

this is what it looks like after 4 days of wear

I much prefer the nail polish Dreamweaver to the program, and I’d like to try inky alone on my toes to see how it looks by itself. I previously tried this nail polish from DL and was very disappointed, but now I see it was the foil finish that made it so flakey, not the brand or the formula.

Overall: 5/5 Dreamweaver, 4/5 Inky


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