Get the dirt on cleansers and Konjac sponges

s1632652-main-hero-300A clean face is a happy face. A cleanser is the first thing one’s skin touches in the morning, and will help dissolve makeup from the face at night. A good cleanser is essential for creating a great skin care routine. The following chart goes over some of the cleansers I’ve tried recently and what I feel about them.

I also include two Konjac sponges in the list because I highly recommend trying one. Konjac is a plant native to Asia that has big purple flowers and spongy roots. The roots are what make up the cleanser sponges, but they are also edible. Food made from the Konjac root is more widely recognized by it’s Japanese name konnyaku. The sponges are so gentle on the skin, but help to slightly exfoliate and greatly lather up any cleanser you may want to use with them. I like to use mine by itself sometimes, because it’s already infused with green clay that is affective in its own right. I first tried the Dew Puff sponges because I got three for about $20, but now I’ve upgraded to Bosica’s sponge. The Dew Puffs I got recommended replacing them every three months, while I’ve read other places to replace them monthly… I love me some skin care, but I really don’t think I’ll be buying a new one every month. The Bosica sponge I have now is going on two months and is still perfectly fine. It doesn’t try completely between my uses because I use it twice a day, but it dries enough hanging on my mirror that there has been  no mold or build up.

I have read some negative reviews for the Konjacs that I think are just unfair. Some people have called it slimy and unappealing, or gawk at the makeup stains that may be left on them. I have never thought mine to be slimy, and last night I used it to take off my OCC lip tar (bullet proof lip stain) and as long as I dipped it in running water before the lipstick really set in the sponge, it all came out.



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