Josie Maran Winter Dreams Skincare Set plus More: Swimming in Maran Samples

s1640481-main-hero-300I recently bought the 500-point Josie Maran box from Sephora, the black Friday hand set, and the holiday collection. Needless to say, I got to try many things. I was surprised how much I liked each of the products. Below, I have some photos from the sets and an unboxing video of the holiday set. I really like all of the products I tried in the first two I got, and I can see myself loving some of the new ones in the holiday set as well. The skin care really soothes the skin and moisturizes without feeling greasy. All are must-buys, and I’m sure I will.

I’ve never tried Josie Maran’s skincare before, but I’m glad I did.

Josie Maran Winter Dreams: An Awkward Unboxing

Photos from the 500-pt Beauty Insider set and the Black Friday set



right hand also done
The bare naked wipes actually work!



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