A Little More About Me/ My goals for 2015

I’m doing this post as an exercise in the “Blogging 101” class as well as to give readers a chance to get to know me.

The new year is here and I’ve started a list of a few personal things I’d like to accomplish. I feel invigorated by January 1st because it’s a chance to start over, to forgive the past, and to re-affirm one’s aspirations and goals. I don’t really include big, unavoidable things on this list like “graduate from college” because that will happen given the flow and structure of my life. This list is of things I’d like to in my spare time, so I can continuously re-improve myself and become the best version of myself I can be.

  1. Re-Learn French. When I was in high school, I had a terrifying yet effective French teacher. She called me names, she
    the book I will translate

    made me cry on multiple occasions, but I was conversational in French by the time I left. Since then, I haven’t really had any practice. Practice is the life blood of a language. I downloaded an app on my iPad to help with the basics and I have resolved to translate the vintage French children’s book I bought a while ago.

  2. Learn how to Crochet. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I have a page dedicated to the beautiful creations one can make with crochet. What draws me to this particular craft is how delicate it looks, like lace. I also like that it doesn’t remind me of the abysmal time my grandmother tried to teach me how to knit when I was 10 or 11 which really really didn’t do well. I did what any rational adolescent with a short attention span would, and immediately quit. The bag of deadly needles and mothball scented yarn haunts my parents house to this day.
  3. Continue to Make Chain Maille Bracelets Some part of me really enjoys monotonous, frustrating tasks. This part of me
    A helmet weave I made

    is what prompted me to start making bracelets from tiny metal links. It’s much like meditation, really. One must focus on the turn, the minutia of each link and its relationship to the others. I got pretty good at it. I made a couple for friends, some for my family, but the one bracelet that I’d like for myself is the dragon scale pattern. This is what my book says is one of the most difficult patterns, and thus will be my oft-worn badge of accomplishment. I may even make it a ring-to-wrist, my favorite type of bracelet.

  4. Do Yoga Every Day I really like doing yoga. I love my teacher and I love the practice in general. I’ve been a bit lazy recently, not choosing to do even a half hour when I had time. My new goal is to do it for at least 15 minutes a day. I know I’m busy, but once I get going, 15 may turn into 30 or 60 minutes if I have time. I take class twice a week, so as long as I can bring myself to just take the time to do it, going for seven days a week would be easy.
  5. Read 15 Novels I don’t usually read enough. For pleasure. I read lots of essays and general short stires and plays for class, but I would like to read more for pleasure. I have a short list going, but one of the main players is Haruki Murakami. I have two books of his coming any day now from amazon. One is 1Q84 and the other is Norwegian Wood. I will write reviews as soon as I finish each one, of course. Mostly, I want to read at least 15 intelligent, meaningful books by 2016.
  6. Post on Fennecfawn Twice a Week at least. I want this blog to be my jumping off point for bigger and better things. I promise to dedicate at least the time it takes to write two good reviews a week, whether of not I have a product in mind. Keep in touch so I can keep all of you updated with new and exciting things coming from this blog!
  7. Use Social Media More Often This means Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. I want to be presence etc etc etc. Blogging has always been appealing to me, so why not use all of the tools at my disposal?
  8. Learn how to Play an Instrument (again) I used to be able to play the piano really well. I remember playing the Charlie Brown song for my class in third (maybe fourth?) grade. I can barely punch out chopsticks, now. I want to get back to my buried roots and either re-learn how to play the piano or to start anew and start playing the violin.
  9. Lose weigh I am but human.
  10. Learn how to cook Thai foodI absolutely love Thai curries and noodles. I’d absolutely love to be able to make things that I’ve only ever cherished in the restaurants, before. I’d also help make more interesting vegetarian dishes. Very few people I know really tackle more distinctly international food on a regular basis, besides my mother who makes wonderful Asian salads and noodle dishes.
  11. Perhaps take a dance class? This last one is dependent on time, money and access. If I have all three, I’d like to take a basic ballet class. With the popularity of those Ballet Beautiful workouts (which I have watched many times on their YouTube channel) I’ve been thinking more about how much I’d like to get more exercise, but in fun, productive ways. I’m not much of a gym bunny simply because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I’m getting over it, but I think I’d rather just go to class and have the bonus of an instructor than flop around at the gym, myself. tumblr_ln3xk5L2pz1qh047h

Anyway, that’s it for today’s (should have been yesterday’s) post. I”m looking forward to doing more of these and improving my blog!



  1. Those are admirable goals. I hope you achieve them all.

    Oh, and the ring to wrist jewely you mentioned in #3 is clled a slave ring. It has been a very ling time since I last saw someone working a pair of needle nose pliers, and a jeweler’s saw. Goos luck with that too.


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