Things to come on Fennecfawn

Hello! I haven’t been posting as many reviews as I would have otherwise liked, but this winter break has been anything but, as I’ve battled what may have been the flu for a majority of my time off, on top of family gatherings and existential crises, it’s been a pretty full three weeks. I decided to make a post and video about what’s coming next on the makeup review front:

  • Posts about cleansers part two
  • Review of Tarte’s MultiplEYE syrum (first month of use)
  • Review of Bite’s Agave mask in Smashed and Champagne
  • Round-up of cleansers, thoughts and first-impressions
  • Much more!

I will also keep updating my fashion, entertainment, and food & drink sections, but the beauty reviews are what seem to be what interest me most (especially because it forces me to learn more about skin care). I plan to write several articles about toxic practices by clothing manufacturers, such as dumping dye into the ocean and using child labor.

I also want to thank everyone who takes time to read my blog, I’m overwhelmed with pride and appreciation every time I reach a little mile stone (like 25 followers, recently!). Thank you so much for supporting me! Let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular that you’d like to see me do on the blog.


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