I Am Slightly Obsessed with Matcha

matcha in my pinterest-approved tin with chalkboard paint

I’ve always loved green tea ice cream. I admit that I still sometimes wander into Starbucks to squirrel away a green tea latte. I love drinking traditional green tea and enjoy many of the health benefits that multiple cups a day can give you. That’s why I am, in the words of Beyonce, crazy in love with the matcha I bought from my local tea store.

One Good Woman is a coffee, tea, and eclectic accessory store in the Harrisburg area that trades in some of the best tea I’ve ever had. The last time I visited, I asked the attendant about the matcha they carried and she admitted that though she hadn’t tried it yet, her son, who was either a police officer or a firefighter, loved it. Having recently read a tongue-in-cheek article on Vogue that proclaimed matcha to be the next big thing, I broke down and bought half a pound for 33$.

Matcha is finely ground, high grade of green tea that dissolves in water, milk, or whatever else you might like to do with it. It’s even great for cooking to lend a beautiful green color and taste to your pastries. I like to think of it as the espresso of the tea world, because it’s more concentrated than normal tea. Traditional teas involve steeping the leaves in water, then ingesting only the water, yet with matcha the whole leaf goes into the drink. This is why it’s even more potent than green tea. It has more caffine, too which helps me in the mornings, as I am not much of a coffee drinker. 2015/01/img_2272.jpg

I highly recommend everyone who drinks tea to try some, I drink mine plain in water, but you can also steam some milk to make a creamy latte.


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