Tarte’s MultiplEYE eyelash syrum + Kate Somerville’s “True Lash” Eye Makeup Remover: Month One

imageI’ve always wanted to have long, doe like lashes as a permanent state of being. Perhaps this is part of my search for ways to enhance my natural traits through skin care, rather than concealing flaws through make up. I love Tarte, the company practices “green” production more so than other cosmetic companies and proudly do not test on animals. I am new to the brand Kate Somerville, but I am happy that their products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals, either.

I have started using these products in conjunction on December 11th and have included photos from both that day and from January 11th. I don’t expect to see much difference in one month, as eyelashes cycle every 3 months. As a rule, I like to give 3 months to any skin care product to fully assess the results and consider re-purchacing. I also know that there have been a few days that I have not used both products, or entirely forgot to use either. Because I have not used these consistently, I expect the results to be less than optimal (though perhaps the difference will be negligible).

I took these photographs under the same conditions, and the only alterations I made was brightening the exposure to make my lashes more clear. I think the major change I can notice is that my eyelashes seem thicker though not necessarily longer. Perhaps that will come with time – I certainly hope so! Another thing I must mention is that the lash enhancer does irritate my eyes when I put too much on. Those who also have sensitive eyes may want to approach with caution, perhaps try once before purchasing, or buy from a place that accepts returns.

I will post more pictures once a month to see if this actually will grow my eyelashes (crosses fingers).

IMG_2296 IMG_2297


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