My favorite go-to lip glosses

images (1)During these long, arduous winter months, moisturizing every exposed part of skin is very important. Though I usually prefer darker shades of lipstick as my go-to look, these rosy, moisturizing glosses are a great casual way to look polished while protecting that delicate skin. I’ll put them in order from lightest to darkest.

1) Buxom’s Plumping Lip Cream in “White Russian”

here, I have white russian on
here, I have White Russian on

I got a sample of this three or more years ago, yet I kept thinking about it. The creamy look, the tingly feeling, and the vanilla scent all remained in the back of my head. This deluxe sample was the first lip gloss that I used until I ran out, whereas other products are doomed to fill the space at the very back of my cosmetics drawer thanks to my fascination with newer formulas. All of these years later, I finally broke down and bought it. The ingredients are not very irritating (though some are mild irritants – it does tingle) nor are there any serious eco-toxins in the formula. It is cruelty free as well.

2) Lush’s “The Kiss”

The left is the original shade; the right, this year's
The left is the original shade; the right, this year’s

I bought this last year and loved how it tasted and felt. It has no preservatives and Lush not only does not test on animals but actively campaigns against it. The ingredients are mostly organic and fair trade.

I’ve found that the color has changed since I bought it last year, and it is a welcome change. Last year, the formula was lighter, but now it’s darker and has slightly more glittery sheen. I highly recommend you purchase this before it’s gone. This is a Valentine’s day exclusive, and I expect I will be buying this every year.

3) Bite Beauty’s “Smashed” agave lip mask

I have this on today

This is probably my favorite because it’s actually a pretty wonderful scarlet shade. It’s new, and you can read my review of the original and the champagne color here. I think this is my favorite incarnation of the formula (even though the original is still great for sleeping in). Pick this up soon, because this is also a limited edition shade. Bite is probably my favorite brand for all things lip-related, I highly recommend everyone try some of their food-grade, highly-pigmented, cushiony, cruelty-free concoctions.

No matter what your preference is, shinier, more moisturizing, or more highly pigmented, there is always a gloss for your daily needs.


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