My Valentines Day Experiment: Home Made Doughnuts

Nothing sounds quite so lovely as deep-fried dough with sugary icing inside and out. With that in mind, I decided to make some home-made doughnuts for Valentine’s Day. I’m planted firmly in the “amateur” category when it comes to baking, and I don’t have all of the gadgets one would usually find in a master chef’s kitchen. Despite some problems, the end product was ultimately successful.

I used a recipe that I had found on Pinterest (Pops to this author for running a great food blog, I take no credit for the recipes, I’m just here to portray my experiences) and found my first problem was that I don’t have a mixer. I have a blender and a food processor, but no mixer. So, the dough I made did not mix quite as much as one would expect. Small chunks of butter still remained, to my dismay. My poor food processor was made for pesto, not for tacky sweet dough. I’ve come to love that jack-of-all-choppiness, which has come to save me from foodie destruction many time. Despite that, I let it rise in the refrigerator over night (mostly because I forgot it had to rise in the first place).

Next, I had to roll it out and cut the individual doughnuts, and since the only cookie cutters IMG_0284I have would have been much too big, I used a tea mug. The mug worked really well, and I got perfectly uniform dough disks. I was afraid that at this point they were too thin, but once I started frying them, they immediately puffed up.

That was where I encountered my next problem: I had no thermometer to measure the temperature of the oil, so I just guessed. I had come so far, by this point I wouldn’t have stopped for a technicality like that. The doughnuts quickly turned blackish due to the presumably burning oil, which didn’t hurt the taste, but some weren’t completely finished all the way through. I was so concerned with the color that I didn’t leave them in long enough, because they looked like they were burning. They looked like a bushel of potatoes, but after having a test bite, I was pleased to know they tasted like doughnut.

Filling was a fiasco. I made a vanilla filling from the same site, which was easily done with my poor food processor. The problem was actually getting the icing from the bowl to the inside of the doughnuts. I don’t have any parchment paper or confectioner’s bags so I used a ziplock bag with the end cut off… It successfully injected only a tiny amount of filling inside, but didn’t fill them entirely. I even tried using a Turkey baster and pushed the filling through it using the handle of a wooden spoon, which was even less effective. Having an equal amount of filling on me, in my hair, and in the doughnuts, I decided to move onto the next step: making the chocolate glaze. This was the easiest step because all I had to do was chop some chocolate, make a sauce, and then add sugar. I’m just better handling chocolate than dough, I suppose.

Overall, the dozen doughnuts were a success, and though some had very little filling, they tasted fantastic. Next time, I’ll buy a contraption to inject the filling with more ease, and maybe even a mixer (gasp!). It was fun, too, and it’s nice to get some home made goodies in the house. This could easily be modified for lactose free people, by using soy butter, almond milk, etc.



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