Tarte’s MultiplEYE eyelash syrum + Kate Somerville’s Remover: Month Two

imageHere’s an update on my use of both Tarte’s MultiplEYE eyelash growth syrum along with Kate Somerville’s Lash Growth eye makeup remover. I think it’s starting to work, slowly but steadily. Here are some photos taken at monthly intervals of using these products for two months.

Though I neglected to post this update until now (lots of school and contest writing), I did remember to take a photo of my lashes on February 11th. I think I’m starting to see some improvement, but it could just be hope, personified. I noticed that the tips of my lashes are a lighter color than the roots, they seem almost translucent in the light. I think could indicate either that my lashes are growing longer than they usually would, or that the new growth is darker than my natural color.

Now, the lighting is different, it was brighter in my bathroom when I took the february photo, the others were taken at night. I think it looks like my bottom and baby lashes are a little bigger or darker. What do you guys think? Does it look like it’s working? I think it is, and maybe it’s simply worth it because I like my eyes more than I used to.

As an aside, look how my brows have changed. Guess have gotten them to calm down, a little.


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