My Weekly Video Series: Mary’s Mailbag Monday

IMG_0301I’ve decided to start doing a weekly, all-request beauty video series. I’m not one to desire YouTube stardom, but I think videos are a better way to become interactive with one’s audience than writing articles, only. It’s nice to see the face behind the thoughts. I’ll be asking for any of your beauty-related questions, whether they be about a particular ingredient, a tutorial, whimsical musings, or advice.

If you’re wondering where my credentials are, I used to work for Estee Lauder, and was trained as a makeup artist though them. I also just love playing with the stuff and have a lot of experience using, researching, and analyzing makeup.

send me your questions! Through any site: twitter, instagram, WordPress, or even email (, please send any questions you may have. I’ll research the topic through the week and release a new video each Monday*. Here’s my first video in which I give a review of my recent Lush bath purchases:

* ideally. As a college student, sometimes papers and weeping quietly to myself take precedent over blogging.


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