Brand Highlight: Fennec Design Company

Oh, what’s in a name? This design duo not only shares a name with the namesake of my blog (and my everything-else internet handle) but also has such a unique aesthetic. First, this brand uses non-toxic, eco-friendly dye. They screen print nature-inspired, witchy, fractal designs that are at once modern and rustic. Swirling crystals, succulents, and air plants cover their garments. I’ve never found anything quite like them, before. The best thing? They operate out of my city, Harrisburg.

Me with the black refraction leggings

I first heard about Fennec Design from a friend who mentioned that she once modeled for them, when I remarked on her dress at a party. I did what any broke girl would do and followed them on instagram so I could vicariously enjoy the look of their designs instead of immediately snatching up some beautiful clothes. Now, about a year later, I purchased both a dress and a pair of leggings from them and I am thrilled with how they look.

The designs are printed on American Apparel clothing, so they do run small. Though I could stand to lose a few pounds, I don’t usually wear a Large, but the Large dress fits snug around my hips. It’s not unpleasant, but something everyone should keep in mind. I’ve had trouble with AA and sizing before, so it’s totally understandable. Their smalls are made for babies, I’m sure of it. I actually own some of the legging that they printed on (the winter thickness AA) so I knew exactly how they fit. What’s great about using AA as a wholesaler, you can guarantee their clothes were never in a sweatshop, and were made in America.

Fennec Design is the shop of Joëlle Workman and Justin Arawjo, partners in life and craft, who collaborate in the design, printing, and construction of all featured pieces. Specializing in quality screen printed apparel and accessories hand pulled with eco-friendly, non-toxic inks, featuring all original artwork. As well as fine art prints and a wide selection of jewelry (necklaces, rings, and earrings). All of Fennec’s work plays on themes of color, geometry, symmetry, and nature. — Fennec Design’s Etsy Site

Here I am having a sickly Saturday in the Fawn and Thistle dress I recently ordered

I’m always looking for affordable, independent, and environmentally conscious designers and these guys do not disappoint. I must admit, though I just ordered two items from them, I plan to go back and get the succulent leggings. It’s only right, they’re my favorite flower after all, if you can call them flowers. They do custom work, too, so if anyone out there wants a unique piece or to do business with them, send them an email.


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