Review of YSL’s Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Perfector

I don’t usually review large brands, or those that test on animals. I won’t buy these products because they aren’t consistent with my belief system; however, I never pass up on free samples, and Sephora was offering the duo free with a purchase. What this experience has taught me is that I like wearing a light reflecting primer to polish my face.

imageI don’t believe in foundation. Like the Easter Bunny or Pluto, it just doesn’t exist in my life. I would much rather spend time and energy taking care of my skin than covering up its imperfections. I also have huge pores that are easily clogged; the most I use on my face is highlighter and contouring bronzer.

The primer is incredibly creamy, and travels well; a small dab will cover your entire face. When on, the tiny gold flecks don’t appear as glitter, but do catch the light in a pretty way. Here, I have a rare photo of me with only the primer on. Though it’s hard to tell, in person, it gives my face a polished appearance. Even my boyfriend noticed a slight difference on my face when he saw it, and he doesn’t notice things like this. The primer reduces the appearance of pores (even mine) and I’m reminded that something like this would certainly be able to replace foundation.

Fashion has an obsession with dewy, clean complexions. This (or, something like this) gives naked skin a slight nudge towards “porcelain doll” without looking made-up. It’s sort of like “I woke up like this” in a bottle.

That being said, the Perfector is just alright. This product is touted as a possible replacement for foundation, but I’d much rather use the Primer for that. It says that it is a cream-to-powder cover up that blots away oil, but I didn’t see that, much. Maybe if I had used it by itself, I would have seen more of a difference, over the primer, it adds nothing. It seems unnecessary, but over foundation, I could see it helping oily skin from seeming greasy. It’d be better than a thick powder that sometimes makes skin look dry. Or, it might do nothing.

So, instead of buying this, I’m going to look for a similar product that is cruelty free. I’ve looked at Tarte’s primers before, but all of them are colored, and I have a terrible time finding tints that suit my skin. Even when I worked at Estee Lauder, nothing looked good on me, and if the colors matched my neck, I looked like a vampire. C’est la vie.

Know of any great cruelty-free primers (extra points if the company is “green”) I can use to replace foundation? Let me know!


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