Midsummer Happenings

IMG_3722Hello, all of my lovely followers. I felt that I wasn’t doing enough at the time, but as I write this, I realize that my July has been incredibly full. August is only six days old, and it’s already shaping up to be even more eventful.

July started like it ended: on a boat. Our friend invited Alexander and I to spend the fourth of July with him on his family’s boat. Many crabs were eaten, as were other fish and crustaceans. Watching the fireworks from inner harbor was an amazing experience that far surpassed my past Independence Day celebrations. I didn’t expect to enjoy the taste of the nautical life as much as I did. Having a boat seems like a mix of camping and having a vacation home: it’s a place to sleep, relax, and get a change of pace.

vixen jesse from team rocket

Three weeks later, we went back for Otakon. I spent about ten hours working on my costumes, yet they didn’t come close to the skill and detail put into the others I saw. Watching the cosplayers was my favorite part of the weekend; it seemed like magical realism, that it was still the same Baltimore I had seen weeks earlier, just with fantastical characters wandering around, eating at restaurants as if it were normal. For a moment, fantasy felt real. Despite that, was a pretty disappointing weekend, not because of my costume’s amateurish presentation (that I was proud of), but because it was uncomfortable and not nearly as much fun as I thought it’d be.

The context of the event was what made it less than fun. If I had gone in high school, it would have been the best thing ever. If buying manga or Japanese clothing weren’t so easily done online, the shopping would have been much more fun. Knowing I’m a sucker for commemorative relics, Alexander bought me a Kyubey doll from Madoka Magica, an anime I love for its deconstructionist take on the magical girl genre.

I did learn that I look great with red hair and I like making costumes. The former I can do once I save up some money, the latter I can keep as a hobby. I’ll put my limited sewing ability and boundless energy towards this coming Halloween. Maybe I’ll throw a costume party, who knows.


I’ve also taken on quite a few projects this summer, and all of them are coming together. I’m launching a literary magazine for writers in Harrisburg. Called Magazine 1785 after the year that the city was first planned, it will feature nonfiction written by residents of or about the Harrisburg area. I’ve enlisted the help of many of my friends, and I’m blown away by the momentum it’s gaining. My hope for it is that it becomes so successful that I can raise enough energy and support to have physical copies for sale. Please share it! We publish art and nonfiction by residents of the Harrisburg area and have a Rejection Review that publishes anonymous reviews from anyone, anywhere.

On top of that, my friend Meghan and I are working on a huge project right now that’s set to be unveiled soon (I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet). Just know, it’s gonna be awesome.

And though this post is meant to encapsulate July, August has started on a high note. I’ve been offered a job at IGI Global, a publishing house based in Hershey, PA. I’ll be working in the acquisitions department soliciting writers and researchers to publish with IGI. It’s only part time, but I just finished interviewing with a seriously cool company that might lead to a second part time job (and therefore a combined full time work).

How have your summers been going? Let Kyubey, err, let me know!



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