One Year Anniversary: Thoughts on the Internet

Today my blog turned one, and I almost missed it. Alternating sips between chamomile tea and an Argentinian Malbec, the October sky is bringing out my introspective side. I remember when I started blogging on tumblr, where I used the website as a place to explore the many personas one can espouse online. After years of occasional use, I have finally decided that I am quite possibly too old for that website. I would publicly languish over not having been contacted by paramours with short posts that were, in retrospect, rather un-poetic and melodramatic. The magic is gone, possibly because it was a blogging site best used while chain smoking Nat Sherman cigarettes in one’s parents kitchen.

I tried Blogger for a short time. My blog there was a rawer version of fennec fawn, but I didn’t have the attention span for writing longer articles. A part of me was nervous about posting long-form writing on the internet, I thought it was a big, important deal before I realized that everyone, their mothers, and their grandmothers have blogs. I posted maybe three articles and very few people saw them.

A year ago, I was in my senior year of college and took a writing for the web class. I tried to learn how
to use Dreamweaver, but having had no prior experience with building a website, I (along with the other 99% of the class) returned my digital copy and opted for WordPress. I didn’t want to make static pages, anyway, and I had no inkling of how to host a blog through a Dreamweaver-created site. Perhaps it would have been easy and it would have been amazing, but more likely than not, I saved myself a lot of trouble.

WordPress is like a party where everyone takes turns congratulating the others. Does that inherently devalue the celebration? Certainly, but it doesn’t make it any less lovely. It has the community of Tumblr without the baggage. It has the legitimacy of Blogger without leaving users in a mad max like world of seldom contact. More interesting than twitter, and more informative than instagram, WordPress is a strange little site. The past year has been pretty wonderful.

So, I’ve been blogging a year though I haven’t been doing it much these past two weeks. I hope to change that, to post twice a week.


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