This blog is written by Mary Imgrund, founder and organizer of the HBG Flea and current Masters student in Political  Communications at American University.

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I have an omnivorous appetite for understanding and enjoying the world around me; I’m especially interested in culture and politics. Intellectual plasticity drives much of my work as the education system becomes increasingly specialized. I love keeping up with the latest research in astronomy and technology, though I have no specific expertise in either of these fields. Just as a healthy diet is essential to  physical health, so too is the consumption of highly regarded information to intellectual health. That being said, I don’t spurn popular culture — music, film, and fashion fuel my passion.

Sustainability and ethics are what drive most of the work in this blog. I wholeheartedly believe that  one can vote with his or her wallet; as such, I use my curated flea market to encourage shoppers to buy locally made, hand crafted, and  vintage goods instead of  mass produced, corporate fare.  I’ve reflected this in my personal life; I now exclusively buy from ethical sources.

I’ve dedicated myself thorough researching all facets of  my life; I’m always asking “show me the data.” Because so much information is available, it’s difficult to parse the tease the truth from the  knotted mass of media. That’s why this blog will always use primary sources when applicable, and fill in with reputable reporting.

I’m disheartened that while sports are considered a legitimate topic for top-level reporting, beauty and style are often relegated to gossip magazines. This misogynistic trend is subtle, but perpetuates the notion that women can either be beautiful or intelligent. I take umbrage with that. The second mission of this  blog is to weave these topics seamlessly with analytical or editorial essays in the embodiment of a strong woman.

I’m a lover of green tea and cats; electronic music and independent movies. Mother to a small family of air plants, bones, and crystals, I also dabble in jewelry design and 2-D arts. You can find me in coffee shops and  small music venues, or devouring a vegetarian brunch.

I celebrate my multifaceted complications, and if you find yourself happily outside of pigeon holes, this blog is my love letter to you.

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