The Essential Sustainable Fashion Guide — Part 3: A Story of Fabric

The clothing industry is bad for the planet and the people on it in its current iteration. In the first two installments of this series, I explore the supply chain of fast fashion and why we’re so drawn to it. The methods of harvesting fiber and processing it to create the final textiles that make […]

Make the Earth Great Again: 10 ways to Embrace Minimalism and Sustainability

*long exhale* OK, we all knew this was coming. In one of many misguided policies based on spurious logic and flawed ideology, the US pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. While many countries like France, India, and China have announced they plan to uphold the agreement without the US, we are still responsible for […]

I Was Skeptical, but Thinx Underwear Works

Even though 51% of the world’s population menstruates, it’s a taboo that some don’t even fully understand. Meanwhile, feminine hygiene products are taxed as if they were luxury goods and the industry creates literal tons of waste each year. The culture facilitates the continuation of these problems, and women around the world are unnecessarily spending […]

Fashion as a Facet of Strategic Communication Theory

  Fashion isn’t just clothing anymore; with each season come new designs that challenge social norms, political ideology, and the extent that one can express a persona through woven fabric. Old guard critics contest that fashion should be recognized as art and collectors defend traditional definitions against a new  wave of openness and appreciation for design […]

Natural Miracle Cream: Lyes and Lathers’ & Helichrysum Calming Butter

I just wrote a review for this brand’s toner spray, but this product demands an immediate review because it’s sublime. At first glance, this is just a body butter, but it has very potent healing capabilities. When I bought this, the owner advised me that it is meant to be a soothing skin salve to […]

Lyes and Lathers’ Willow Bark Tea Tree Oil Toning Spray

I love getting to review Lyes and Lathers’ products, because they’re effective and made in small batches locally (to me). While it’s fun to write about other brands, I’m hardly the only blogger writing about Glossier; being able to feature brands you might not have heard about otherwise is a privilege. This toner spray is perfect […]

From Crafter to Artist and Entrepreneur: An Interview with The Odd Portrait

The show fashion and locavore movements have made it more viable for independent artists and artisans to attempt to make a living selling their work, but starting a business in the crowded retail world is an arduous task for anyone. To get a better idea of the trials of an artisan-cum-entrepreneur, I asked Ariana, owner […]

Millennials: Let’s Grow Up and Pay for Content

Within a week of each other, I noticed that two of my favorite YouTubers were pushed by angry fans to defend their decision to make Patreon pages – something that would allow members of their audiences to send monthly contributions in return for extra perks. Payments are not mandatory to watch their videos, and both expressed […]