“Made in the USA” Doesn’t Mean What It Should

I spent this week nose deep in frustrating research, documentaries, and emotional anecdotes. You know, fun. I’ve enrolled in a three week course administered by the University of Exeter and Fashion Revolution though Future Learn about the highly complex and often morally vacuous fashion supply chain. At the heart of the class is the question […]

Make the Earth Great Again: 10 ways to Embrace Minimalism and Sustainability

*long exhale* OK, we all knew this was coming. In one of many misguided policies based on spurious logic and flawed ideology, the US pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. While many countries like France, India, and China have announced they plan to uphold the agreement without the US, we are still responsible for […]

Fashion as a Facet of Strategic Communication Theory

  Fashion isn’t just clothing anymore; with each season come new designs that challenge social norms, political ideology, and the extent that one can express a persona through woven fabric. Old guard critics contest that fashion should be recognized as art and collectors defend traditional definitions against a new  wave of openness and appreciation for design […]

Millennials: Let’s Grow Up and Pay for Content

Within a week of each other, I noticed that two of my favorite YouTubers were pushed by angry fans to defend their decision to make Patreon pages – something that would allow members of their audiences to send monthly contributions in return for extra perks. Payments are not mandatory to watch their videos, and both expressed […]

Sustainable Shopping Research: The Opinions and Habits of Americans

This blog focuses on the confluence of style, culture, and  sustainability, and I personally avoid items made in unfit conditions by polluting companies,  down to even my razor and underwear. However, when it comes to the environment, do most Americans incorporate their values in their daily interactions? According to a recent Gallup poll, most Americans […]

What Pokemon Go has Taught Me About Misinformation and Myth

I’ve been catching ’em all since my first translucent purple Gameboy (because that was obviously the best color), and  while awaiting the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon, I’ve been consumed by Pokemon Go. I joined forums, walked more than I  ever have, and started researching the best strategies for  evolving and  selecting my ideal […]

A Secular Humanist’s Response to the Tradgedy in Paris

It’s far too easy to casually respond to things like the ISIS attack from 3,000 miles away. My life hasn’t been changed. Currently sitting in a coffee shop, listening to music as the sun sets on a day that seems only half over, my weekend continues as usual. Does changing my Facebook profile to include the French flag affect anyone? […]

Anti-Nostalgia Series: Pt. 2 — Communication

I am not foolish enough to insinuate that communication skills are improving; I am, however, foolish enough to propose some benefits to the advent of texting, email, and instant messaging. Traditional means of communication — phone calls, conversations in public places — are, for most people, difficult. Not to say anything difficult is not worth […]

Cleanse Diets are Obvious Hoaxes, so Why do People Buy Into Them?

Fad diets don’t work. Any physician will tell you that to lose weight, you simply need to eat nutritious food, consumer fewer calories than you expend, and engage in physical activity in order to slim down. The American Heart Association even had to publish an entire book called “The No-fad Diet” imploring Americans to stop […]