A Review and Analysis of Anomalisa

Anomalisa is a well-crafted extended metaphor ripe with wit, visual interest, and tragic folly. Directed by Charlie Kaufman of Being John Malkovich and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame, and Duke Johnson, who specializes in stop-motion animation. Existing in the realm somewhere between live action and animation, comedy and tragedy, this dichotomous film was both engaging by escaping […]

Jessica Jones Flaunts Superhero Realism, Psychological Savvy, and the Female Experience

Though I don’t love every episode or character, Jessica Jones, Netflix’s new drama, brings with it a sophisticated understanding of gender relations, the affects of abuse, and a tone. The show doesn’t feel like it belongs in the same universe as Thor and Iron Man, but like its sister show, Daredevil, its tone is much darker than […]