“Made in the USA” Doesn’t Mean What It Should

I spent this week nose deep in frustrating research, documentaries, and emotional anecdotes. You know, fun. I’ve enrolled in a three week course administered by the University of Exeter and Fashion Revolution though Future Learn about the highly complex and often morally vacuous fashion supply chain. At the heart of the class is the question […]

Make the Earth Great Again: 10 ways to Embrace Minimalism and Sustainability

*long exhale* OK, we all knew this was coming. In one of many misguided policies based on spurious logic and flawed ideology, the US pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. While many countries like France, India, and China have announced they plan to uphold the agreement without the US, we are still responsible for […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Government

I don’t think that word means what you think it means. On every form of online communication,  a similar sentiment is echoed: the government is bad. It’s going to take your rights, purposefully misinform the electorate, or otherwise subvert all that is wholesome. What exactly does one mean by “government”? The department of homeland security? […]

The History of and Case for Open Access

As many of you may know, I work for a publishing company that specializes in academic research. Being immersed in the industry, I’ve become passionate about the democratization of knowledge and accessiblility of information to expedite human progress. Imagine being treated by a doctor unaware of the most cutting edge treatment, because it was published in […]

Why Companies Can Lie About (Almost) Everything

We’re being duped and lead-on every day. Advertisements, Augmented truth, and Almost lies all sway consumers despite the best of intentions. I recently tried to find out whether GlamGlow, a Californian skincare company, tested on animals. I usually go straight to “Paula’s Choice,” a website for honest answers, and in this case the answer is […]