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From Crafter to Artist and Entrepreneur: An Interview with The Odd Portrait

The show fashion and locavore movements have made it more viable for independent artists and artisans to attempt to make a living selling their work, but starting a business in the crowded retail world is an arduous task for anyone. To get a better idea of the trials of an artisan-cum-entrepreneur, I asked Ariana, owner […]

Glossier Phase 2: Basics That are Anything But

I was drawn to Glossier’s skincare focused ethos and fresh faced looks exemplified by their limited line of products of paired-down essentials that are basic-proof. This company is simplifying makeup with cruelty-free products that  multitask and put integrity before appearance.  The brand is very similar to  Milk Makeup, also an online publication-cum-makeup brand which offers up editorial, simplified products. […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Government

I don’t think that word means what you think it means. On every form of online communication,  a similar sentiment is echoed: the government is bad. It’s going to take your rights, purposefully misinform the electorate, or otherwise subvert all that is wholesome. What exactly does one mean by “government”? The department of homeland security? […]

Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Oil Tint Changed my Entire Stance on Foundation

For years, I’ve been advising peers, friends, and readers that foundations are unnecessary at best or counterproductive at worst. Clogging pores and  irritating skin for the sake of covering up, I felt the best course of action was to categorically avoid these sorts of products to focus on skincare — taking care of the largest organ in […]

Tatcha’s Dewy Face Mist: Moisture, Glow, and Nature-Inspired Science

I bought this spray because I was impressed by jelly-like texture and skin softening properties of its traditional moisturizer incarnation that I tried as a deluxe sample. Since the solid version had no SPF, making it unviable as my primary moisturizer, I decided to opt for the spray. I was introduced to facial mists as […]